Title BGI Research-Antibody Discovery
Job Information

BGI Research – Antibody Discovery

Job Description:

We are seeking a senior level researcher to join our genomics-based Antibody Discovery Program. We are studying both classical antibodies and novel single domain antibodies, such as those from camels and sharks. The successful candidate will execute laboratory research to develop novel antibody technologies and contribute to our pipeline of antibody drug research.

Job Requirements:

1) A PhD degree and 3+ years’ experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, or related discipline, or a MS degree plus 8+ years research experience.

2) The candidates should have expertise in molecular cloning, protein biochemistry, and protein engineering, including preferably experience with one or more display methodologies.

3) Research experience with antibodies is required. A background in protein structural biology, protein expression, antibody affinity maturation or antibody-drug conjugation research is preferred.

4) Ability to multitasking and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

5) Strong interpersonal and communication skills are needed for this role. Management experience is preferred

6) English/Chinese bilingual preferred but not required

Work Place: BGI, Shenzhen, China or U.S. for a consultant


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Jobs available at link

Title BGI-(Senior) Research Fellow
Job Information

BGI overseas hiring 华大海外招聘


(Senior) Research fellow, lab automation for cell processing and manufacturing


· Implementation of lab automation infrastructure for cell and gene therapy, such as viral infection, human cell isolation, cell culture processing and maintenance

· Oversee and strategic plan for biomanufacturing engineering for cell and gene therapy

· Responsible for the establishment of lab automation processing in GMP cell manufacturing facility

· Research and develop in-house hardware and software for automated platforms

· Responsible for maintenance and upgrade of precious laboratory equipment/devices


· Ph.D. degree or master degree with more than five years working experience in lab automation and cell processing/manufacturing

· Experience with biology laboratory automation, biomedical instrument manufacturing engineering, and other related experience and professional

· Work experience with construction and design of cell therapy equipment is preferred

Work Place: BGI, Shenzhen, China or U.S. for a consultant


Title (Senior) Research fellow (China) or Consultant (U.S.) at BGI
Location China/US
Job Information

BGI overseas hiring 华大海外招聘


(Senior) Research fellow (China) or Consultant (U.S.), HLA immunopeptidomics LC-MS


· Responsible for the set-up, advancement and application of the tumor cells mass spectrometry assay with particular focus on HLA class I immunoaffinity procedures, high resolution LC-MS/MS analysis and bioinformatics.

· Participate and lead in technology development and implementation by exploring advancement to the workflow of HLA class I immunopeptidome.

· Participate in all phases of mass spectrometry laboratory operations including technology evaluations, the development of sample preparation and separation methods, data analysis, interpretation, reporting and follow up discussions with the project teams on utilizing the data in appropriate decision making.

· As a strong collaborator develop deep partnerships with Immunogenicity Scientists working on cell preparation or assessing immunogenicity project risks as well as in-house LCMS team members.

Qualifications /Requirement

· Qualified applicants hold a Ph.D. with post-doctoral experience including experience in industry, ideally in the application of LC-MS to assess immunogenicity risks of protein therapeutics.

· Expertise in development and implementation of mass spectrometry based immunopeptidomics methods.

· Expertise in mass spectrometry based proteomics.

· Experience and knowledge in operation of QExactive mass spectrometers and associated control and data analysis software systems.

· Knowledge and application of complex sample preparation methodologies as applied to quantitative protein mass spectrometry workflows techniques including immuno-analytical techniques.

· Good understanding of protein biochemistry.

Work Place: BGI, Shenzhen, China or U.S. for a consultant


Title (Senior) Research fellow at BGI
Location China
Job Information

BGI overseas hiring 华大海外招聘


(Senior) Research fellow,Molecular and cellular immunologist for T cell-based immunotherapy


· Responsible for the R&D related work of cancer immunotherapy

· Platform development for engineered T cells (CAR-T, TCR-T)

· Implementation of functional assays for human immune cells (T cells, DC etc.)

· Responsible for tetramer generation/research and platform establishment, rapid development of the experimental procedure

· Guide team members to carry out work and build product pipeline;

· Draft patent paper work, grant application and scientific paper writing and publishing.

· Responsible for the collaboration/CRO communication worldwide


· Ph.D. degree majored in biology, immunology or related field. Strong English reading and writing skills.

· With abundant experience in cell-based functional assays and experimental techniques of immunology, such as primary cell culture, flow cytometric analysis, ADCC&CDC, cytokine assay, etc.

· Familiar with molecular and cellular biology experiments, such as engineering TCR, CAR-T, expression library construction and screening; lentiviral transduction

· With lab experience in protein purification/chemistry, SDS-PAGE, HPLC etc. is preferred;

· Have high level SCI literature published experience is preferred;

· Strong academic thinking skills and able to design and advance project as per objectives;

· Work proactively to resolve issues, with strong implementation skills and highly adaptable. Able to comprehend papers and learn new skills;

· Good team player and management skills. Down-to-earth attitude and highly responsible.

Work Place: BGI, Shenzhen, China


Title CMC Leader at Tessa Therapeutics
Location Singapore
Job Information

CMC Leader

Tessa Therapeutics is seeking a CMC leader at director level to lead the process/analytical development and validation, as well as product characterization and manufacturing process capability analysis, for BLA filing for our cell therapy products for cancer patients. The individual will also work closely with Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, and Research teams at Tessa. This position is located in Tessa’s corporate headquarter in Singapore.

Job Description

· Lead a dynamic and matrix team with members from various functional groups to achieve scientific excellence and innovation, while adopting development stage-appropriate practices, in the CMC areas of process, analytical, and formulation development and manufacturing process capability analysis and supply chain qualification.

· Define CMC strategies, deliverables, resource requirement, and timelines to support product development milestones, from preclinical studies, IND filing, clinical study supply, BLA filing, to commercialization, product life cycle management

· Leverage Quality-by-Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), and risk-based approaches to develop robust processes and analytical procedures to ensure long-term success in manufacturing cell therapy products for vein-to-vein delivery to patients

· Stay current with regulatory requirements and new technologies/methodologies in CMC areas, designs and executes experiments to provide required information and data for regulatory filing, process capability analysis, and investigations.

· Interacts with regulatory authorities through conferences and regulatory filings/meetings, and anticipates regulatory changes and develops proactive strategy accordingly

· Coaches a highly effective and scientifically strong team for ensure efficient technical transfer of processes and assays to manufacturing and quality control teams, including to new GMP locations

· Responsible for supporting and reviewing the CMC sections in regulatory submissions including both pre-approval and post approval submissions such as IND, NDA/BLA, amendments/supplements, annual reports, product characterization study reports, comparability protocols and reports, etc.

· Participate in the product development teams, providing clear and solid recommendations for CMC strategies and execution plans

· Manage external CMC activities in collaboration or outsourcing cases


· PhD or Master in Life Science (e.g. Immunology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biology) or equivalent

· 5+ years proven successful CMC experience in biopharmaceuticals in either cell processing or analytical field under cGMP environment, preferably in leading diversified technical teams

· Excellent working knowledge/experience in CMC areas for cell therapies or biologicals, especially in applying QbD, PAT, DOE, and risk assessment approaches to ensure CMC excellence and identify and control CQAs and CPPs

· Familiar with approval processes for IND and BLA, comparability protocols, and product life cycle management and proven practical knowledge of and ability to deal with complex CMC regulatory issues and requirements

· Highly developed inter-personal skills and verbal/written communication

· Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

To apply or for inquiry, please contact