The Chinese Bioscience Association (CBA) is a non-profit organization founded in the San Francisco Bay area in 1997. Its mission is to promote education, networking and community building for life science professionals. Since its foundation, CBA has held hundreds of scientific conferences and workshops focusing on emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies in the biotech industry and attracted participants from entrepreneurs, C-level executives, managers, scientists, post-docs and students.

CBA currently has hundreds of active members and supporters ranging from CEOs, founders, business executives, professors, mid-level managers, scientists, students and postdocs. As a bi-lingual non-profit organization, CBA plays a key role to bridge the industry and cultural gaps between US and Asia, and has strong ties to Taiwan, China (including Hong Kong) and Singapore. Our annual conferences and summer picnics are especially popular with members, friends and family members. CBA is a volunteer organization supported generously by its sponsors and members.

HO Family Scholarship (CBA) is available thanks to the generosity of Ho family. Details can be found here and Application form here.

2016 Annual Conference Highlights

CBA Summer Picnic is open for registration.  CBA members please login and use the event on right to register. Non-CBA members please email info@cbasf.org to register.